Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Beast

A nice silky cover of fur head to pointy toes ,A light shade of blue And green, Loving the breezes and loving the worms, Orange Feet And black and wight bum, My Beast has a beek as short as a crabs claw, backs like a camel and they love to eat tussocks


  1. Hi Stevie!

    My name is Ellee, I work alongside Allie on the Summer Learning Journey team!
    Hope you have had an awesome Christmas and New Years break so far?

    I am loving the sound of your beast - Does he/she have a name?
    I like the different colours all over its boady, I am sure it looks very impressive, specially in the sunlight!

    Does your beast look a little bit like a bird? I can picture the beak eating worms and tussocks and it makes me think of a creature that looks a little birdie...

    Maybe you beast flys too?

    Great job at describing your beast Stevie - Looking forward to your next post!
    Ellee :)

    1. Hey Stevie Hear Thank you for saying you like it and it is a sort of bird

  2. This is nice.I love your animals.I guessed three. I had so much fun guessing them.


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