Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Beast

A nice silky cover of fur head to pointy toes ,A light shade of blue And green, Loving the breezes and loving the worms, Orange Feet And black and wight bum, My Beast has a beek as short as a crabs claw, backs like a camel and they love to eat tussocks
Answer: 1095ml

How To Do It:

So first if you give it 3 ml a day and there is 365 days in a year you times 3 by 365 and it equals
1095 All You need to do is practice your Math

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fabulous Ferns

Black Ferns
Wight Fern  

Silver Ferns
Tane Mahuta

I want to go to see Tane Mahuta because he is a very long tree and it is part of the nature I want to touch it and see how rough it is and see how long it is because I have never seen it in real life It would be so cool I really want to take some people with me so they and go around saying that we seen it and describe it to tell them they should go there one time.
                                                          My Digital Footprint

To stay smart online I either do it with a parent or a buddy then they can help with
what you are doing instead of just going ahead and sharing all my information
and I would create a positive footprint well i make sure before I post Something
it is all good and helpful positive and I Share my Name and make sure I am not
sharing anything personal

Monday, December 17, 2018

                                                                  My Home Town
My Home town is called Hokitika, is little small place where I live, In the south island of New Zealand it is very clean and i'm sure everyone loves it there we are very lucky to have a town like Hokitika and it is between Greymouth and Kaniere there is very green trees and grass to help us breath and thanks to all those people who planted beautiful trees and help with the grass and the lakes and rivers are nice and clean the dairy company is the biggest thing in Hoiktika the milk is so clean so we can drink lots of it. People are very respect full to our environment. when people go to the beach in the nice air and the sea is clean.

                               Fun Facts About New Zealand

1. It is one of the three countries in the world that has two official national anthems of equal standing.  The first is God Save the Queen and the other is God Defend New Zealand.

2. It was the first major nation to have universal suffrage. In 1893 all male and female citizens are legally allowed to vote.

3.  New Zealand is one of the world’s least populated countries with over 4 million populations.