Friday, May 18, 2018


Multiverse is a mathematics game to teach you how to know you maths it is a really fun game. There are lots of different levels and there are people who tell you what to do. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Night Zoo

Tom Rivers Tom Rivers was a boy and he was 12 years old also he was wearing a red and yellow tie,a brown bacpac,blue track pants,and a grey top.He had bright brown hair,brown freckles,brown eyes,and bright floppy fluffy hair. Tom Rivers likes painting and he painted a purple Elephant and he is very nice to animals so he got a giraffe called sam. Sam and Tom Rivers was incredible at saving things like animals at the Zoo. When Tom River go’s saving animals he wears blue shorts and and a blue coat and he used a torch to see and got his giraffe. His home is the night zoo and his favorite thing is animals. Tom doesn't like vegetable soup,bullies and spiders.His special abilities are a teleporting torch, and a magical imagination.He's really good at drawing and writing adventures stories.Sam's home the waterfly woods, he like playing hide and seek, he doesn't like standing still, and his special abilities are Invisibility. He's really good at being a good spy. He is Very brave, calm, cheerful, enthusiastic and excited to go out in the bush with his giraffe and explore new things.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Look after your Environment

    Look After Your Environment
In my opinion, I think you should look after your beautiful Environment. If you don't look after your environment it would be a big dump.Some believe that they shouldn't put it in the bin then again the world would be a mess.

Sometimes I feel sad when people don't put the rubbish in the bin. Because the world would be a big bump and a mess from other people. Also if it's from you maybe you need to stop and think for a while.

If you are watching people dump rubbish in the clean waterways because it makes it dirty. So please keep the rivers clean.In my opinion, I think that everyone should put their rubbish in the bins.

It is bad for the environment if you just throw your rubbish in the water or on the ground. You should throw it in the bin so other people don't have to pick it up themselves.

So never throw your rubbish in the water or on the ground. Water is important so never throw it in the water because you will pollute the water. If you throw rubbish on the ground you might pollute the air and we might need masks. If the air is polluted and we don’t have masks we might die.
You should always look after our Environment otherwise if it’s you, stop now.

Normally the city people blame the farmers for polluting the rivers but it’s everyone doing it. Do you want to pollute the rivers and the air?

So please always look after the environment or it would be a dump of rubbish.

Monday, September 18, 2017



On Wednesday morning there were a few principles that came to Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School. They were seeing how we use our Chromebooks and how they use their Chromebooks. My group showed them Screencastify, our Blogs, Spellodrome, Book Creator, Google Drive, and Google Drawings.

magic show

 Magic show
Yesterday afternoon Vas Kolovski a magician came to
Kokatahi school to show us some tricks in the Hoiho class. Vas kolovski had a bunny and a pink bird also there were some people that went up on stage.

The people were Dom, Alanna, Lucas, Vanessa, and Matthew. It was awesome he got different color paper strips and he put them in water and took them out.

After that, he scrunched them up into a ball and blew on them so all of them turned to butterflies and they were not wet.

Vas kolovski also taught us don’t eat junk food always eat healthy food. He had a plastic plate and it had dairy, veggies, fruit, proteins, and grains.

My favorite magic trick was when he got the animals and he saw an imaginary bird and burnt himself.
This is what you will look like if you eat too much junk food
                         This is a magic trick that he did with some colored paper.
            This is Matthew up with him and dressed up and zinc means a mineral

Friday, September 8, 2017

  Duck Creek Adventure
On Thursday the Kea class went to Duck Creek. There were six helpers Katrina, Miss Hinchliff, Jane, Marion, Lauren, and Michelle.

My group found a Dobsonfly and it has 22 legs.There were three water surface invertebrates which are the boatman, backswimmer, and water surface bug.

My group got a Dobsonfly, Mayflies, Large Stoneflies and a Cased Caddis. Lauren and Michelle came from  Doc we got some equipment like kick nets containers and magnifying glasses to look close up.

You don’t want water Boatman, worms and flies in your creeks or river because they are bad for the river and creeks. If you find red roots growing into a white flower with yellow in the middle it is poisonous. Duck Creek is a very clean water way.

My group found four invertebrates.  I felt happy and excited to catch some invertebrates.  We all liked going to Duck Creek it was awesome.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Riparian Planting
Riparian planting is when you plant bushes around rivers and put fences around the bushes. They do it so the animals don’t poo or wee in it.

Fish always need cold water because if they get too warm they could die. We don’t want our rivers and lakes to get polluted by poos and wees.

Also planting by rivers stops erosion. If banks fall into the river the fish in the creeks will not be able to see.

We have to start planting more trees next to the rivers. It is important to plant more trees so the creeks are fresh. I  think that most people don't do it often.

 Fish will always need to survive because it’s good for our environment. We don’t want wees and poos to go in our rivers or lakes. I think it’s a very good idea stopping the animal getting in the creeks and lakes.